What stamping options are available?
We offer standard stamping in 6 different font options, or you can upload your own custom design.

If I order a box, will it match my book/album?
You are free to select any cover material for a box added to your order. Please note, for leather presentation boxes, the tray and wall material is only available in fabric.

What file format do I need to use?
All files should be uploaded at full size, 300dpi, sRGB, in .jpg format.

Does IRISBook offer a swatch set and test prints?
Yes. Please contact our support team to order a swatch set or test prints.

I used to be able to see what my book/album would look like. Where did that go?
The product builder was integrated into our previous design software. Our team is working on creating a new product visualizer that we hope to have up and running soon.

How do I include my studio logo on my book/album?
If you already have a studio logo on file with us, you can select this option on the order form. If you don’t have a logo on file with us, please reach out to our support team at to get one set up. There is a one-time set-up fee to have your logo die created.

The material on my product looks slightly different than the last product I ordered. Why?
The cover materials used in book binding are natural products. Leather, linen and silk materials can and do have variances in color and texture. These naturally occurring variances and shifts are not considered defects, and are not eligible for a return or exchange based on the variance.

What design softwares does IRISBook recommend for designing spreads?
We recommend using either SmartAlbums by Pixellu or Fundy Designer for designing your spreads. Both of these album design softwares have our product specifications preloaded and are very user friendly. To start designing for IRISBook, select our company and then the product and size that you’ll be ordering. If you have any questions regarding design specifications, our support team is happy to help. All preloaded specifications have been reviewed with the software companies. Please note, if you’ve used SmartAlbums or Fundy Designer to design spreads to upload to our previous ordering system by manually inputting design specifications, you will need to select the new IRISBook preloaded specifications to order on our new site. 

I want to design without a design software. What specifications should I use?
All spreads should be designed at full size at 300dpi. For example, if you are ordering at 10×10 book, your spreads need to be 20” by 10” at 300dpi. Spreads should be designed in sRGB and exported as .jpg files. If you have questions about further design specifications, please contact our support team.

Should I design differently when ordering a standard press book versus a lay flat press book?
Yes. When you’re designing for a standard press book, you’ll want to take the gutter area into account for your design. Standard press books are bound magazine style, so images designed over the gutter area will not be visible once the book is bound. We recommend keeping images at least 1” away from the gutter area on these designs. For our layflat press books, there will be minimal loss in the gutter area, and images can span the gutter with no issue.

Don’t see an answer to your question? Feel free to contact us at 1-877-380-6408,, or through the chat feature in the bottom-right corner of your screen.